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New Metaphysics Type: Psychics
By Tim Boser (
Edited by Tom Redding (

Psychics, although not appearing in many zombie movies, can be used in AFMBE as a second type of Metaphysics available to the characters. These characters are able to do things like the Inspired, but instead of praying for a miracle, they use sheer force of will to cause unusual things to happen. A Psychic character is made using the Inspired Character Type, but instead of purchasing the Inspiration Quality, the Psychic must take the Psychic Quality (also 5 Points).

Powers: Cost 5 Metaphysics Points or 8 experience points each.

Telepathy: 2 or 5 Essence per use -- With this power, a Psychic is able to communicate mentally with a single target. By spending 2 Essence, a Psychic may send a short, "shouted" message of a simple sentence or a few words to the intended target. By spending 5 Essence, a Psychic may begin a telepathic communication with one target. This one-way communication may be kept up if the psychic makes a Simple Willpower Test every 5 minutes, and spends another 5 Essence Points. This test becomes Difficult in stressful situations.

Telekinesis: 3 Essence -- With this power, a Psychic can move objects with his mind. This requires a Difficult Willpower Test. Higher levels of success translate into faster movement, further movement, or movement of larger objects.

Pyrokinesis: 6 Essence -- With this power, a Psychic can manipulate fire by making Simple Willpower tests. This fire deals normal fire damage. For an extra 2 essence, the Psychic can create a small amount of fire, allowing them to throw small fiery missiles at their target (damage: D4 x Willpower).

Domination of the Weak Mind: 4 Essence -- Upon a successful Resisted Willpower Test, a Psychic employing this power can control the thoughts and actions of another living being. How dangerous the commands may be, and the length of time the person is controlled, are determined by how much higher the Psychic's roll was compared to the victim's.

Clear The Mind: 3 Essence -- With this power, a Psychic can prepare for an upcoming action. A Simple Willpower Test grants the Psychic a number of bonus points equal to the Success Levels achieved. These bonus points may be added to any of the Psychics next three Tests or Tasks, with the exception of damage rolls.

[Editor's Note: These unofficial Psychic rules are much more simple and limited than the Sight rules presented in AFMBE's Unisystem companion game CJ Carella's WitchCraft.]

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