New Drawbacks

 (by Pat Dixon)

1- to 3-Point Social Drawback

The Cast Members has a loved one, perhaps a spouse, child, aging parent, or younger sibling that relies on her for help and protection.  This person is tremendously important to her, and she will do anything to protect or save him during a time of crisis.  Daily life often focuses around caring for the Dependent.  How often the Dependent is involved with the Cast Member is up to the Zombie Master, but it seems likely that Dependent family members will be around most of the time.  A Dependent must be a Supporting Cast Member, and cannot be played as another Cast Member (of course there is no reason why two married Cast Members could not both take Drawback points for their infant child).

1 Point: This Dependent is a Norm, probably a spouse or young adult/adolescent child.

2 Point: This Dependent is a weak Norm, built on 50% points, and is probably a child or an elderly person.

3 Point: This Dependent is very weak Norm, built on 25% points, and is somehow infirm and helpless, perhaps a bed-ridden parent or an infant.  This level of Drawback could also be used to simulate a full nuclear family with spouse and a few children.

Obviously not all Dependents are helpless, and can regularly be of assistance to the Cast Member.  However, the Zombie Master must take care to not let the Dependent become more powerful or important than the Cast Member. To put it bluntly, the Dependent is there to be put in danger and for the Cast Member to heroically save their loved one (and by so doing advance the plot of the story . . .).

Emotional Anchor
(Submitted by Tom Redding)

1-point Drawback 

The Emotional Anchor can be anything that is of great emotional value to the Cast Member. She will not leave it behind, and must always check on it, take it with them, or stay to protect it. This Drawback is worth one point per item or person that forms the Anchor. A Willpower test must be made once a day for each point of Drawback taken. If this test is failed, the Cast Member must immediately check on Anchor.

Anchor examples: mansion, antiques, car collection, young children, elderly parents 

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