Str 3 Dex 3 Con 3
Int 3 Per 3 Wil 5
LPs 34
EPs 38
Spd 12
Essence 35

Inspiration (5)
Gift (5)
Honorable 3 (-3)
Increased Essence Pool (3)

Driving (Motorcycle) 2
First Aid 3
Gun (Handgun) 1
Humanities (theology) 4
Instruction 2
Language (Latin) 2
Myth and Legend 2
Notice 2
Occult Knowledge 2
Singing 2
Science (Psychology) 1
Storytelling 2

Holy Fire
Touch of Healing
Divine Sight

First Aid Kit, Flashlight, Holy Book

Such an event so close to the 2000th anniversary of Our Savior's birth certainly gives one pause. Many of our more evangelical brethren have taken this to be a portent of the Rapture. They speak of Revelations and quote it.

Personally, I have always take Revelations to be nothing more than a metaphor, a disguised critique of the Roman Empire. There is nothing in that chapter of the Bible that mentions flesh-eating zombies. In fact, the flesh eating in the bible is the metaphorical flesh eating that takes place during the Last Supper. So, what does a man of the cloth make of all this?

The Vatican is strangely silent, but they've always been a cautious bunch. I for one believe it's all the work of Satan. When we see such dark wonders, we question our faith. We see rotted bodies shambling around, and wonder where is the Lord? This is humankind's greatest test -- we must strive to be worthy.

We fail to realize that He is beside us, as always. You may laugh but I have seen with my own eyes as I have called forth fire to burn the monstrosities and healed the suffering.

And it's done wonders for sermon attendance, let me tell you.

"The Lord is my point man, I shall not be in want."


Artwork by: George Vasilakos
Flavor Text by: Albert Bruno III

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