Police Officer

Str 2 Dex 2 Con 2
Int 4 Per 2 Wil 2
LPs 26
EPs 23
Spd 8
Essence 14

Contacts (Police) 3 (3)
Contacts (Underworld) 2 (2)
Hard to Kill 4 (4)
Nerves of Steel (3)
Situational Awareness (2)

Brawling 3
Computers 1
Dodge 2
Drive: Car 3
First Aid 2
Guns (Handgun) 4
Guns (Shotgun) 3
Hand Weapon (Club) 3
Intimidation 2
Questioning 2
Streetwise 2
Surveillance 2
Swimming 1

Class IIIa Vest, First Aid Kit, Flare Gun, Flashlight, Handcuffs, Handgun, Squad Car (Sedan), Vehicle Radio

Don't bug me. Uniform doesn't mean anything anymore. I'm not a public servant anymore. I'm just a man with a gun trying to survive. I can't help you. I got my own problems now.

No, you listen to me. My granddad was a cop, my father, my uncles, all cops. Back then, cops were the law and cops had respect. By the time I became a cop, it was a whole 'nother game. Sensitivity classes, social working, civilian review board, police brutality suits. They curse you and spit at you and hate you -- just 'cause of the uniform.

Fine. I took the oath, I did the job. I worked my butt off to take care of my buddies, and make my family proud.

But zombies? Fucking zombies, I didn't sign up for. I'm outta here. Got my ammo and supplies and squad car. As far as I'm concerned, the city can take care of itself.

Look I don't care about your wife and kid. I'm not surprised they're surround by zombies. There's zombies everywhere.

You're kidding. Don't tell me you don't even have a gun.

All right, all right. Take this shotgun and let's go. I can't believe I'm doing this -- again.

"I shot the guy and he wouldn't stay down! Good thing the cameraman from COPS tripped."


Artwork by: George Vasilakos
Flavor Text by: Albert Bruno III

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