Str 2 Dex 2 Con 2
Int 4 Per 2 Wil 2
LPs 26
EPs 23
Spd 8
Essence 14

Attractiveness -1 (-1)
Contacts (Hackers) 2 (2)
Multiple Identities 1 (2)
Resources 1 (2)

Bureaucracy 1
Cheating 2
Computers 3
Computer Hacking 3
Computer Programming 3
Dodge 1
Driving (Car) 1
Electronics 4
Guns (Handgun) 2
Notice 2
Research/Investigation 3
Sciences (Mathematics) 3
Streetwise 2

Handgun, Laptop Computer

Subjects: Project Romero
Path: <obscured>
From: "The Ace" ace@university.edu
Newsgroup: alt.conspiracy.zombies.menace

I only hacked into the Pentagon because I heard they got gigabytes of porn hidden in there. I figured, it's the Pentagon, they got to have something sweet -- not too demure, not too sleazy. Tasteful, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I found a file called the Romero Project. It was too intriguing to pass up. Besides, I knew a Laura Romero in college and she was quite the hottie. I swear, I spent hours trying to crack that file, but no go. 'Course, that just made me want it more. You know how it is. No friggin' piece of code was going to stop me.

Then my hard drive seized up. No big deal, we are talking Windows here, right. Wrong. I rebooted and watched as the machine efficiently shredded everything -- from the Temp directories to the Bios. Damnedest virus I ever saw.

Very impressive. As I reinstalled my OS (and then re-reinstalled it -- so damned impressive), the reference clicked. George Romero -- the zombie movie guy.

So I'm thinking this whole zombie mess was created by the military. Hell, it all could be a field test! I'll check out more and <file ends>

"Hardware, software, bullshit! The real Y2K bug is flesh-eating geeks!"

Artwork by: George Vasilakos
Flavor Text by: Albert Bruno III

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