Goth Chick

Str 3 Dex 3 Con 3
Int 3 Per 4 Wil 4
LPs 36
EPs 26
Spd 10
Essence 14

Artistic Talent (3)
Inspiration (5)
Gift (5)
Increased Essence (2)

Acting 2
Brawling 1
Computers 2
Computer Hacking 1
Dancing (Industrial) 2
Dodge 2
Escapism 2
Fine Arts (Sculpture) 2
Guns (Handgun) 1
Myth and Legend 2
Occult Knowledge (Vampires) 2
Seduction 2
Stealth 2
Streetwise 1
Writing (Poetry)1


Anne Rice Novel, Camera, Cellular Phone, Handcuffs

I remember the first time I saw one. It was at some rave out in the desert -- I wasn't too hot on the crap techno music the DJ's were pushing, but my friend Ginny said there'd be free nitrous oxide. That's cool.

All of a sudden, people started coming out of the desert at us. They were moving all spastic, but I thought it was just the strobe.

I remember watching as the strobe made it seem like a bunch of photographs. Pic one: She closes on Ginny. Ginny doesn't see. Pic two: She embraces Ginny. She's white like marble. Pic three: Ginny's eyes go wide. I hear flesh ripping. It was so Anne Rice! Pic four: The biter pulls Ginny's head back to a weird angle. She looks more yellow now, and Ginny's flesh is hanging from her cracked teeth. Pic five: Ginny's screaming. Spraying blood reflects lustrous in the light. Ginny, wherever you are, forgive me, but it was so beautiful. Like something off the Cranes first album.

'Course it's gross, but hey I seem to have some power over them. I figure, if zombies are real, why not vampires?

"God this sucks . . . there's like a billion zombies and not like one vampire."

Artwork by: George Vasilakos
Flavor Text by: Albert Bruno III


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