Str 2 Dex 2 Con 3
Int 2 Per 3 Wil 2
LPs 36
EPs 26
Spd 10
Essence 14

Addiction (Alcohol) (-1)
Addiction (Smoking) (-2)
Contacts (Police) 3 (3)
Hard to Kill 2 (2)
Nerves of Steel (3)

Brawling 2
Bureaucracy 1
Computers 1
Driving (Car) 2
Electronic Surveillance 2
First Aid 1
Guns (Handgun) 2
Guns (Shotgun) 1
Humanities (Criminal Law) 2
Intimidation 2
Notice 2
Questioning 3
Research/Investigation 3
Stealth 2
Streetwise 2
Surveillance 3

Handgun, Chainsaw

The only reason I became a PI was because I lost my police job. Now, don't get it wrong here, I wasn't let go because I was crooked or because I went nuts. See this star-shaped scar on my hand? Got home late at night and was slipping off my shoulder holster and . . . well, the damn thing went off and ruined my hand. Stupid, but the truth.

Thing is,being a PI wasn't like being a cop. I used to love walking into a crime scene and trying to figure out what happened. As a PI, all you do is sleazy spy work, like trailing lying spouses gettin' a little extra on the side. That work gets old fast.

Thing is nowadays I'm getting to do real detective work again. Dealing with our smelly dead friends has strained the local and national authorities to the limit. PIs like me are suddenly important again. You want to find out who stole your stuff? You want to find out who killed your son? I'm your man.

Yeah, I know that someday my nosing around is going to get me killed, but it's worth it having that cop feeling again. In a world where zombies outnumber the living ten to one, it's good to feel alive.

"The dame had legs that wouldn't quit, they kept flopping around like dead fish. I restarted the chainsaw and cut the zombie into smaller pieces."

Artwork by: George Vasilakos
Flavor Text by: Albert Bruno III

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